Mayan Ruins of Belize


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Mayan Archaeological sites or Mayan ruins as many people would refer to them exist all over the country of Belize. Each of these is unique in its own way. All the names have meanings as it relates to the location, the people, resources and other things that surround the community. These were talented people, they carved, made their own kitchen utensils and weapons and is still a very strong culture within the country. Nowadays, we can differentiate from ancient Mayans and modern Mayans by many different ways. However, great respect is still regarded for these ancient archaeological sites.

Some of the major Mayan Ruins/Archaeological sites near Caves Branch Jungle lodge are:
1. Caracol
2. Xunantunich
3. El Pilar
4. Cahal Pech

You just cannot visit Belize and not visit at least one of these mentioned above. A knowledgeable tour guide would suit you best on your Mayan ruins tours. They will know every detail and will tell the story with such passion you will enjoy the tours. Here are some pictures from previous tours. (Click the image to enlarge.)


Caves Branch Jungle Quest Review


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It is so thrilling to know that each of our guests have a great time while staying at Caves Branch. It’s our pleasure to have you and you are always welcome! Chad stayed with us and did the “Jungle Quest” adventure. It’s certain that he had some rough times but hey, that is where the adventure part kicks in!

Chad at Caves Branch

Click here so that you can see what Chad’s visit was like… Adventure! Adventure! Adventure! And even a review of the overall stay at the lodge.

Chad says, “Belize may not seem like the go-to vacation spot at first glance, but places like Caves Branch make it well worth the visit.”

Thank you Chad for a wonderful review, adventure is what we are all about!

Even the little ones can enjoy Adventures in Belize!


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The thought of having your little ones on an adventure vacation at Caves Branch must have crossed your mind. Are there any tours that your younger ones can enjoy with the whole family? Are adventures in Belize safe for my children?

Here is a picture of a seven year old girl; she looks like she knows exactly what she is doing doesn’t she?

No training, no fear! The tour guides who have been through extensive rigorous training in giving tours and rescue missions rig a system of ropes so that you and your entire family can have an amazing Black hole drop tour. When it comes to adventure, don’t let age be a limit!

If you are a little skeptical about leaving your child to rappel into the giant sinkhole, consider Mayan ruins tours. Belize has many interesting archaeological sites which hold fascinating stories and a history beyond imagination: huge carvings and cultural ceremonies and practices. This is sure to capture the attention of any child. Especially if they can climb to the top of the Mayan temple!

What about adventures in the water? Take them cave tubing, its quite easy, you and the entire family will enjoy this. Tubes are provided. All you need to do is make sure they sit in the tube and float along side you and everyone else while having a beautiful view of the river and animals that linger along the banks and have fun. It is something simple but you will see it is super fun!

Last but not least are the birding and wildlife tours. Children are always good with animals and are always amused by a funny looking – friendly animal. They might be scared at first and then they find out there is nothing to be scared of and then they will take the lead on this tour!

They can become good friends with all the animals that Ian has at the lodge, watch beautiful colorful small and large birds. Take them to the best little zoo in the world, The Belize Zoo or visit the Baboon Sanctuary and see the howler monkeys habitat in Belize. Adventures that must be experienced to be believed… but once experienced never forgotten!

Might as well call it a Belize Resort…


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Caves Branch is known as the place for adventure travels in Belize. No one spells adventure like Ian Anderson. Not because the lodge is about adventure in the jungle means it must not have comfort and maybe even a little luxury. After a long day of fun in the sun or adventure in the jungle a person needs a nice comfortable place to come back to so that they can rejuvenate and catch up with themselves. Even some time in the pool or at the bar socializing will make for an interesting evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

Look at this beautiful tree house; doesn’t this look like a resort room? However, this is located at the heart of the jungle!

It includes indoor and outdoor showers; nice clean comfortable bedrooms and a great view among other things. Caves Branch might not have sea and sand, but they have sun and jungle and adventure. If you truly like to relax and just enjoy nature or get physical to enjoy nature, this is the perfect place. There is so much nature around, you just can’t help but notice all that’s going on. There are so many views, birds and other animals.
If you are looking to stay at this beautiful Jungle Resort in Belize you should first find out if Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is right for you. You must remember that the lodge is a part of the jungle; it is not sanitized from it even though it has a nice pool like this.

The lodge is home to many jungle creatures and they often are around the grounds and the guest facilities. Nevertheless, this is a unique natural setting where wildlife abounds while you experience some true adventure. Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure Co. & Jungle Lodge is truly a unique Belize resort. Don’t underestimate the possibilities…

Visit Caves Branch – “Top 5 Things to do in Belize”


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A really nice article was posted by Webjet saying very interesting things about Adventures in Belize. According to this travel blog the Caves Branch River, kayaking and caving is #4 of the Top 5 things to do in Belize.

The third one refers to Mayan Ruins, it talks about Caracol Ruins – “they’re naturally a must-visit for any first timers”. It is known as one of the largest Mayan ruins in Belize. However, there are also other very interesting Mayan ruins that you can visit. Xunantunich and Cahal Pech Maya Ruins trip is also an excellent choice. You can also stay in Belize and visit Tikal Peten Guatemala for a day. You will have history of these ancient civilizations and a very unique experience.

Number two on the list is the famous Belize zoo. The Belize zoo “exhibits over 125 native animals that were orphaned, rehabilitated or born at the zoo”. Whenever you visit the zoo you will notice huge natural pens that house these animals in a natural environment. Most of the animals have grown to love people and will even put on a show for you if you wait patiently and applaud them. Another very interesting place to visit is the Baboon sanctuary to see the howler monkeys in Belize. See the video below.

Snorkeling and diving opportunities in Belize tops the list at Glover’s Reef Atoll because of the Barrier Reef system and the diverse marine life along the coast of the country. Diving and snorkeling adventures enables you to discover a whole new life beneath the Caribbean Sea.

These top 5 things to do in Belize are truly a must whenever visiting this country. To do all 5 in one vacation is definitely a fun filled adventure; you will have the time of your life and will never ever be able to forget. Most of these are offered at Caves Branch. These are adventures that must be experienced to be believed… once experienced never forgotten!

Thank you Top Fives Travel Blog for such a wonderful article.

8 reasons to go birding in Belize


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First of all, bird watching is for people of all ages from different walks of life. Who has not stopped to look at a odd looking bird, maybe it was brightly colored, maybe its was small or huge or it made a sound you never heard before. Every individual has their reasons for bird watching.

Here are 8 reasons to take time to enjoy Belize birding and absorb the peace, quiet and look at these magnificent creatures:

1. Birding anywhere is Belize is awesome because we are at a convenient location with a sub tropical rainforest, where it is never too dry or too wet. Many species of birds make Belize their home; we have native birds and birds that pass through while migrating to other places.

2. It is quite easy, choose a time, either mornings or evenings – grab a pair of good binoculars, sunscreen and some comfortable clothes. All you need to do is look, listen and enjoy. Having a bird guide is optional, but at least you know a little about the birds you are looking at. Tick off the species that you recognize and even take photos.

3. Birding does not require great physical stamina or endurance. You walk a little, hide under some shady trees and sit on a rock.

4. It is a natural experience, get away from your busy life at work or home or in front of a computer and have a change of environment – it is good for you!

5. It is a great learning experience. You can learn many things by just observing these birds. You can learn which species nest on trees and which has its nest hanging from a tree. You can learn which bird call means “DANGER” and which means “I’ve got dinner”. You will learn bird songs!

6. You can do this year round to see different species for each season. The variety is endless.

7. It is an inexpensive sport. You will only need a few things: no batteries, no expensive lighting, no special clothes, just simple binoculars and water.

8. Simply because bird watching in Belize is AWESOME!
(Click image to enlarge.)

Belize Jungle Quest Tour – An Adventure Challenge…


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These jungle expeditions are designed for the true adventurer. It is described as “Jungle Survival” – you will be leaving the jungle lodge with a machete and your bushman guide.

Caves Branch Jungle Hike

Explore Belize’s jungle and see much wildlife. Look at the animals that come out in the day as well as nocturnal ones, you are bound to run into a couple snakes and other animals.


You need to be adventurously aggressive! Explore experience and enjoy… Certificates are awarded for accomplishment! Wouldn’t you like to try this tour yourself?

What is the Belize ATM cave tour about?


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Well first of all, the ATM cave tour does not mean an Automatic Teller Machine in a cave :). ATM in this case means the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, it is a place that hosted Mayan ceremonies and has many superstitions associated with it. There are human remains, pottery, carvings and so much to see.
(Click image to enlarge.)

However, you must be prepared to get wet because the only way in is to swim! The entrance of the cave is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. The way is wet and rocky into what the Mayans refer to as the underworld.

Here is a video captured by the Trans Americas Journey:

Click here to see pictures and a detailed description. Thank you for a wonderful article Karen & Eric

Overnight caving expeditions and the Jungle’s nightlife


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This caving adventure is sure to be a blast for all involved! It includes the Black Hole drop on the very first day. Then you are guided through the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave system. Next camp is set up inside the entrance and dinner is prepared. That’s right; you will have dinner in a very dark cave with only your headlights and a campfire to light up the dinner area.

Dinner in a Cave

Trek approx 400 feet to the underground river with 24 kilometers of mapped passageways, go past bubbling springs and walk in the steps that the ancient Maya once walked. You get to experience many adventures and explore numerous things in the sink hole.

“Keep in mind that this tour is not for the faint of heart and all participants must be relatively fit,” says Ian.

Guess how you will get out of this giant sinkhole? Leave us a comment with your answer.

River kayaking – overnight trips are the best


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It is so exciting to spend an overnight on one of the biggest river systems in Belize. The Sibun River twists and turns over its 100 mile length from the mountains to the Caribbean Sea. It also has a full variety of waters and it is narrow enough to see the animals that make the edge of this river their home.
(Click the image to enlarge)

Imagine kayaking down a couple miles of this river, going at your own pace, looking around to see all the amazing animals. Then you agree to race to see who gets to a certain point the fastest without tipping over. Its fun fun fun!

You will learn many things about the river. You will camp out and explore on its banks and calm yourself to the sound of the rushing water before you fall asleep.