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The free online encyclopedia says that adventure is “an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome”. Well, this is “Their” definition.

Let me enlighten you as to what defines “Adventure” in Belize! Two words: “Ian Anderson”. However, the outcome is never uncertain – it is awesome, unbelievable, and did I mention Awesome?

For more than 15 years Ian Anderson has created and led some of the most extraordinary high adventure caving and jungle expeditions in Belize. This passion and vast knowledge of Belize, its culture and history allows Ian and his team to create first class adventure vacations just for you.

The categories of adventures in Belize put together by Ian and his team are as follows: Caving tours, Mayan ruin tours (Archaeological sites), Jungle and Nature tours, Kayaking tours, Snorkeling and Diving tours, Horseback riding tours, Zip line tours, and of course Caves Branch Signature tours. Look at the slide show below to see some examples of what your adventure in Belize may include.

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