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Visit a new place together just after you are married. You will share a new experience together and enjoy each other’s company. An all inclusive honeymoon package that has a twist of adventure does not mean that it won’t be romantic. You will enjoy this and want to come back as a get away from your hectic lives. Let me give you the scoop on the package…

You will get champagne and chocolates to enjoy the moonlight and bright stars that you can see from your luxury accommodations. A tree house would take you up closer over the canopy. Swim and relax by the pool or in the hot tub in the evenings.

Plus, all meals are provided of course so you don’t need to worry. Its buffet style and you can choose whatever you want to eat. You can sample all the local beers, local rum drinks or if you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, the sodas and fresh juices here are filled with flavor. You will meet people from different parts of the world who have come to have an adventure in Belize

The best part is that you can choose what adventures you want to take on together! It may be an overnight cave expedition. Belize caving is one of the best things you may decide to do.

There is so much to see so many places to go. Maybe you will prefer to fly like a bird and do a Belize zip line through the lush canopy. It is all up to you. Make your honeymoon memorable and have the experience of a lifetime.