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Mayan Archaeological sites or Mayan ruins as many people would refer to them exist all over the country of Belize. Each of these is unique in its own way. All the names have meanings as it relates to the location, the people, resources and other things that surround the community. These were talented people, they carved, made their own kitchen utensils and weapons and is still a very strong culture within the country. Nowadays, we can differentiate from ancient Mayans and modern Mayans by many different ways. However, great respect is still regarded for these ancient archaeological sites.

Some of the major Mayan Ruins/Archaeological sites near Caves Branch Jungle lodge are:
1. Caracol
2. Xunantunich
3. El Pilar
4. Cahal Pech

You just cannot visit Belize and not visit at least one of these mentioned above. A knowledgeable tour guide would suit you best on your Mayan ruins tours. They will know every detail and will tell the story with such passion you will enjoy the tours. Here are some pictures from previous tours. (Click the image to enlarge.)