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Who thought that adventure was all about the activities and tours… you are totally wrong! Even lodging in Belize can be an adventure if you choose wisely. These are a couple room types that can make your accommodations adventurous and enjoyable. Your accommodation needs to be in the heart of the jungle.

Enjoy the bright moonlight and lack of electricity in the cabanas. If you find you really do need light you can light up the kerosene lanterns that are provided. It’s like a horror movie without the horror since the lodge is safe!

Gather a crowd for your adventure travels and get a bunkhouse where you can share a co-ed bunkroom and have story night or games in your bunkroom. These are completely screened and are thatched in the traditional Maya style.

You can have a bunkhouse with beautiful murals letting in the essence of the jungle through huge screened windows. The let the cool, clean night air in and keep the bugs out. This is what it looks like.

Last but not least a tree house. Yes, Belize tree houses are perfectly located at the top of the canopy so you can have a bird’s eye view of the jungle and moonlight from your balcony. You get an unobstructed view of all the surroundings and hear all the jungle noises from your safe tree house. You become one with nature…

Now, tell me, aren’t accommodations adventurous too?