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Caves Branch is known as the place for adventure travels in Belize. No one spells adventure like Ian Anderson. Not because the lodge is about adventure in the jungle means it must not have comfort and maybe even a little luxury. After a long day of fun in the sun or adventure in the jungle a person needs a nice comfortable place to come back to so that they can rejuvenate and catch up with themselves. Even some time in the pool or at the bar socializing will make for an interesting evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

Look at this beautiful tree house; doesn’t this look like a resort room? However, this is located at the heart of the jungle!

It includes indoor and outdoor showers; nice clean comfortable bedrooms and a great view among other things. Caves Branch might not have sea and sand, but they have sun and jungle and adventure. If you truly like to relax and just enjoy nature or get physical to enjoy nature, this is the perfect place. There is so much nature around, you just can’t help but notice all that’s going on. There are so many views, birds and other animals.
If you are looking to stay at this beautiful Jungle Resort in Belize you should first find out if Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is right for you. You must remember that the lodge is a part of the jungle; it is not sanitized from it even though it has a nice pool like this.

The lodge is home to many jungle creatures and they often are around the grounds and the guest facilities. Nevertheless, this is a unique natural setting where wildlife abounds while you experience some true adventure. Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure Co. & Jungle Lodge is truly a unique Belize resort. Don’t underestimate the possibilities…