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The thought of having your little ones on an adventure vacation at Caves Branch must have crossed your mind. Are there any tours that your younger ones can enjoy with the whole family? Are adventures in Belize safe for my children?

Here is a picture of a seven year old girl; she looks like she knows exactly what she is doing doesn’t she?

No training, no fear! The tour guides who have been through extensive rigorous training in giving tours and rescue missions rig a system of ropes so that you and your entire family can have an amazing Black hole drop tour. When it comes to adventure, don’t let age be a limit!

If you are a little skeptical about leaving your child to rappel into the giant sinkhole, consider Mayan ruins tours. Belize has many interesting archaeological sites which hold fascinating stories and a history beyond imagination: huge carvings and cultural ceremonies and practices. This is sure to capture the attention of any child. Especially if they can climb to the top of the Mayan temple!

What about adventures in the water? Take them cave tubing, its quite easy, you and the entire family will enjoy this. Tubes are provided. All you need to do is make sure they sit in the tube and float along side you and everyone else while having a beautiful view of the river and animals that linger along the banks and have fun. It is something simple but you will see it is super fun!

Last but not least are the birding and wildlife tours. Children are always good with animals and are always amused by a funny looking – friendly animal. They might be scared at first and then they find out there is nothing to be scared of and then they will take the lead on this tour!

They can become good friends with all the animals that Ian has at the lodge, watch beautiful colorful small and large birds. Take them to the best little zoo in the world, The Belize Zoo or visit the Baboon Sanctuary and see the howler monkeys habitat in Belize. Adventures that must be experienced to be believed… but once experienced never forgotten!