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Picture yourself standing at the edge of a sinkhole looking down to see a pit of dark nothingness. The first thought is, “Does this thing actually have a bottom?” and the second thing is, “I can’t believe I will be rappelling into this thing”. You close your eyes, make sure you have a death grip on the harness and lean back slowly but you don’t want your feet to leave the edge…

Just when you ignore the tiny voice in your head saying, “DON’T DO IT” you feel this extraordinary adrenaline rush and you feel hyped up and scared at the same time!

Going down you keep looking up to see how far down you are and then you quickly look down to find that the dark nothingness is still there. Then it starts to turn into the jungle under the canopy. When you’ve hit the ground and look around, you look up and feel that you have just accomplished the impossible. You have just completed rappelling into the Belize black hole drop tour.

You laugh out loud and hear it echo and you can still feel your hands and feet trembling. Guess what happens next…