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First of all, bird watching is for people of all ages from different walks of life. Who has not stopped to look at a odd looking bird, maybe it was brightly colored, maybe its was small or huge or it made a sound you never heard before. Every individual has their reasons for bird watching.

Here are 8 reasons to take time to enjoy Belize birding and absorb the peace, quiet and look at these magnificent creatures:

1. Birding anywhere is Belize is awesome because we are at a convenient location with a sub tropical rainforest, where it is never too dry or too wet. Many species of birds make Belize their home; we have native birds and birds that pass through while migrating to other places.

2. It is quite easy, choose a time, either mornings or evenings – grab a pair of good binoculars, sunscreen and some comfortable clothes. All you need to do is look, listen and enjoy. Having a bird guide is optional, but at least you know a little about the birds you are looking at. Tick off the species that you recognize and even take photos.

3. Birding does not require great physical stamina or endurance. You walk a little, hide under some shady trees and sit on a rock.

4. It is a natural experience, get away from your busy life at work or home or in front of a computer and have a change of environment – it is good for you!

5. It is a great learning experience. You can learn many things by just observing these birds. You can learn which species nest on trees and which has its nest hanging from a tree. You can learn which bird call means “DANGER” and which means “I’ve got dinner”. You will learn bird songs!

6. You can do this year round to see different species for each season. The variety is endless.

7. It is an inexpensive sport. You will only need a few things: no batteries, no expensive lighting, no special clothes, just simple binoculars and water.

8. Simply because bird watching in Belize is AWESOME!
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