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Ian anderson was the first to offer cave tubing as a tour in Belize. This tour is only offered when the water is high and its a tour that the whole family can enjoy. It’s not a very physically challenging tour but the experience is what makes it worthwhile.

While paddling through the clear water to the entrance of the dark cave, there’s a small rush because you don’t know what is in the darkness that you are about to enter. Then, just as you start to enter you turn on your headlamps and then look into the water and you can’t see a thing! Soon after, there is a scraping on your tube and its time to get up pull out your tubes and continue on foot.

You are guided through various chambers of this huge cave, see some of the ancient Mayans ceremonial sites and caves they believed to be the underworld (Xibalba). Xibalba is the place that the Mayans went to speak with their Gods whenever they had a problem. The bigger the problem the deeper in they needed to go…

There are beautiful crystal caverns, massive sparkling flowstones and pots on a small fire hearth inside the cave. There are carvings and much more to see when you are inside. The River of caves tour is truly a spectacular experience. Here is an article with a couple of photos from Trans-Americas. Thank you for a well put together article and this video.

If you have been on this tour at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, leave a comment by clicking the link at the top of the post and let us know what it was like for you.