Belize Caving: 4 Caves You Must Visit


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According to the Matador Network, there are four Belize caves that you must see, these are:
1. Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave
2. Waterfall Cave
3. Actun Loch Tunich Cave
4. Barton Creek

Click here for details of the story, we need not say more. The caves are referred to as “A complex web of underground tunnels, chambers and rivers.” “To the ancient Maya, these caves represented entrances to the underworld, Xibalba. Here, they communicated with the gods and performed sacred rituals – including human sacrifice.”

Thank you Matador Network for such a wonderful article! Here are some pictures of caving in Belize. If you have done this tour before, let us know what it was like for you.

Belize Mayan Cave - Human Remains


What Defines Adventures in Belize?


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The free online encyclopedia says that adventure is “an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome”. Well, this is “Their” definition.

Let me enlighten you as to what defines “Adventure” in Belize! Two words: “Ian Anderson”. However, the outcome is never uncertain – it is awesome, unbelievable, and did I mention Awesome?

For more than 15 years Ian Anderson has created and led some of the most extraordinary high adventure caving and jungle expeditions in Belize. This passion and vast knowledge of Belize, its culture and history allows Ian and his team to create first class adventure vacations just for you.

The categories of adventures in Belize put together by Ian and his team are as follows: Caving tours, Mayan ruin tours (Archaeological sites), Jungle and Nature tours, Kayaking tours, Snorkeling and Diving tours, Horseback riding tours, Zip line tours, and of course Caves Branch Signature tours. Look at the slide show below to see some examples of what your adventure in Belize may include.

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Belize All Inclusive Honeymoon Adventure Packages


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Visit a new place together just after you are married. You will share a new experience together and enjoy each other’s company. An all inclusive honeymoon package that has a twist of adventure does not mean that it won’t be romantic. You will enjoy this and want to come back as a get away from your hectic lives. Let me give you the scoop on the package…

You will get champagne and chocolates to enjoy the moonlight and bright stars that you can see from your luxury accommodations. A tree house would take you up closer over the canopy. Swim and relax by the pool or in the hot tub in the evenings.

Plus, all meals are provided of course so you don’t need to worry. Its buffet style and you can choose whatever you want to eat. You can sample all the local beers, local rum drinks or if you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, the sodas and fresh juices here are filled with flavor. You will meet people from different parts of the world who have come to have an adventure in Belize

The best part is that you can choose what adventures you want to take on together! It may be an overnight cave expedition. Belize caving is one of the best things you may decide to do.

There is so much to see so many places to go. Maybe you will prefer to fly like a bird and do a Belize zip line through the lush canopy. It is all up to you. Make your honeymoon memorable and have the experience of a lifetime.

Advantages of Belize Group Travel Packages


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More than often a person might think that traveling alone would be the best thing because you will have complete freedom, you don’t need to share the decision making and you can do any and everything you decided to do at the last minute. Unfortunately, you will fail, there is always too much to see and do, you will run out of time and not see and do the most important things you had in mind from the beginning. You will be lonely, there is no one to be excited with you, there is no one to share anything with and by the time you quit you will have realized that you should have thought it over before jumping into things.

There is much delight however, when traveling by groups for many reasons. One of which is that you will save more. You can book group travel packages and share the cost of things which will make things a lot more affordable. You can then save or use the money spared to do other adventures to make your trip a whole lot more interesting.

You will learn even more things when traveling by group because another person may be inquiring about something you did not even think of. You will feel safer, more comfortable and more at ease with everything happening around you. When you arrive home you all will be able to tell a story together and recall every detail and laugh and talk about your experiences together. Traveling by group can be the best thing to do!

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Average Weather in Belize


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Many of our visitors often ask about the weather in Belize. Knowing the weather is very important for health reasons and for deciding what to pack on your trip among other things. We have put together some charts to help you see what the weather is like all year round.

This Belize weather chart shows the average high and low Fahrenheit for each month of the year.

Here is a chart that shows the average inches of rainfall for each month of the year.

Now you can plan your vacation around the Weather in Belize. It is safe to say that on average, the warmest month is May, the coolest month is January and the wettest month is October.

Belize Wildlife



Have you ever gone to the edge of a rocky road and just bend down to pick up a handful of stones? If you look at what is in your hands you will notice that all of them are rocks ranging in colors and sizes and different characteristics.

It is the same thing with Belize wildlife. Belize is a “handful” of nature that has many different types of animals of different colors and shapes and sizes. Caves Branch Jungle Lodge has been exploring Belize’s wildlife and forests for 15 years. You would be amazed, this is a country approximately the size of Massachusetts USA, 75% of Belize is pristine beauty and about half of it is protected.

Look at this video to see a bit of what wildlife in Belize is all about. Exotic wildlife in Belize; thanks to MSNBC for providing the video

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize could be an adventurer’s dream come true! There is so much to see, so much to do and the best thing is that you just can’t get enough. The jungle and wildlife in Belize bids you welcome!

Share your exciting adventures with us!

Caves Branch is looking for amazing pictures and videos from your stay to feature on our NEW website!

The best pictures and videos will be chosen and used throughout the site, in our blog or on Facebook. You’ll receive:

  • Caves Branch T-Shirt from Ian Anderson
  • Mention on the website
  • Shout out on our blog and Facebook page.

Pictures must be at least 1200px or more in width. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube.

Send your pictures and YouTube links to

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Unforgettable Belize adventure travel packages includes…


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The most magnificent accommodations, whether you are into luxury tree houses or a jungle cabana with lamps instead of electricity – deep in the jungle…

Adrenaline pumping adventures such as the famous Black Hole Drop.

A nice place to eat and meet new friends while you tell stories of your amazing adventures…

Beautiful pools to relax and rejuvenate even in the hot tub before you take on your next adventure.

Adventurous surroundings, if you look closely you might see things you didn’t even know were looking at you 😉

You can have the most amazing Belize adventure travel package, all you need to do is come to Caves Branch and keep your eyes open as you experience the adventure of your lives. Adventures that must be experienced to be believed… once experienced never forgotten!

Jungle Rewards Loyalty Program


Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch
Jungle Rewards Loyalty Program

Make Your Stay at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge even More Rewarding!

We at the Caves Branch Adventure Company & Jungle Lodge truly appreciate our return guests and believe in rewarding them on their return visits. To demonstrate our appreciation for our repeat guests and guest loyalty, we have implemented a superb and exciting special offer through our “Jungle Rewards Loyalty Program”.

Firstly ..
All past guests will now enjoy a whopping 20% OFF their next booking by simply identifying themselves as a returning guest! As well, enjoy the personalized service as a VIP at Caves Branch.

Then ..
The Caves Branch loyalty program is designed to reward our return guests by encouraging them to “Refer a Friend” to stay with us at Caves Branch. As our valued returning guest, you can accumulate additional credit for your next Caves Branch Adventure.

How do You do this ?
Over the past 16 years, we have found our most successful marketing has been done by word of mouth from our highly satisfied guests; returning home and telling all their friends of their exciting and adventure packed vacation at Caves Branch. We have always appreciated our guests “Passing the Word” but now we want to reward you for doing this.

If you know someone that would also enjoy an Adventure Vacation at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, you will now benefit from referring them to Caves Branch. Let us know ahead of time that they will be booking and when they do, we will credit 10% of their invoice value to YOUR account; allowing you to accumulate Caves Branch credit to book your next Caves Branch Adventure Vacation. How exciting it that !?!

In fact, you could return to Caves Branch for over a week and not cost you a single dollar!

Just imagine, you can travel on a FREE vacation and re-discover the amazing jungle adventures and the many NEW additions at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge by just referring a friend! And then another.. and another and another ! Yes! Go ahead, refer a Friend TODAY and start reaping the benefits NOW!

We look so forward to having you back with us at Caves Branch once again …

Adventurously Yours,
Ian Anderson

Benefits of Jungle Rewards loyalty program

• 20% off reservation invoice for all returning guests
• Refer a friend and receive 10% from their invoiced total as a credit toward your next vacation when they book directly with Caves Branch.
• Automatic upgrade to next category of room when available at check-in
• Complimentary drinks upon check-in
• Complimentary VIP Amenities and Coffee service delivered to your room each morning.
• 10% OFF your entire booking at our sister beach resorts, Almond Beach, Colonial Suites and Villa Verano, when booked with Caves Branch in combination with booking your Caves Branch stay.

NOTE: Blackout dates in effect during which no discounts nor credits will apply.. These are the three “Peak” periods listed as such on the Caves Branch website.

In order to qualify for the Jungle Rewards Loyalty Program you MUST book directly with Caves Branch Jungle Lodge ONLY. Other special offers do not apply to existing promotions.

Here are some pictures to remind you of what an amazing time you had! (Slideshow)

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Lodging in Belize can be an Adventure on its own…


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Who thought that adventure was all about the activities and tours… you are totally wrong! Even lodging in Belize can be an adventure if you choose wisely. These are a couple room types that can make your accommodations adventurous and enjoyable. Your accommodation needs to be in the heart of the jungle.

Enjoy the bright moonlight and lack of electricity in the cabanas. If you find you really do need light you can light up the kerosene lanterns that are provided. It’s like a horror movie without the horror since the lodge is safe!

Gather a crowd for your adventure travels and get a bunkhouse where you can share a co-ed bunkroom and have story night or games in your bunkroom. These are completely screened and are thatched in the traditional Maya style.

You can have a bunkhouse with beautiful murals letting in the essence of the jungle through huge screened windows. The let the cool, clean night air in and keep the bugs out. This is what it looks like.

Last but not least a tree house. Yes, Belize tree houses are perfectly located at the top of the canopy so you can have a bird’s eye view of the jungle and moonlight from your balcony. You get an unobstructed view of all the surroundings and hear all the jungle noises from your safe tree house. You become one with nature…

Now, tell me, aren’t accommodations adventurous too?